Welcome to this week’s news roundup – your source for all the news we discuss on the show. If you want more information from our sources just click on the links for each story.  Don’t forget to listen to the US/THEM episode to hear our thoughts, and let us know what you think by contacting us on Facebook, Twitter, or via email at

PETA thinks that Punxsutawney Phil ought to be retired and replaced with a robot. Is it time to put this long tradition to bed?

While we’re on the subject of groundhogs, Bill Murray reprised his famous GROUNDHOG DAY role for Jeep’s big Super Bowl ad.  Are you a fan of the original film? What did you think of the commercial?

THE THING remake based on “Frozen Hell” is in the works at Blumhouse – if you listen to this week’s ep you’ll know we have a lot of things to say about this.

On that subject, if you’re looking for more info on “Frozen Hell” read on here.

And finally, if you’ve ever watched THE WALKING DEAD and always wondered how the zombie outbreak began, wonder no more. Creator Robert Kirkman says the outbreak was caused by a space spore.

That’s it for this week’s news. Stay tuned for our BIRDS OF PREY/CONDORMAN episode next week.

See you at the concession stand!

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